You are invited to the Public Worship of God

Worship with Us

We are a Presbyterian church that is endeavoring to be
Christ-centered, Gospel-shaped, and Together for Good.

We meet every Sunday at 10:15 AM at
Room 201, 2/F Eagle Star Condominium
25 Fabian Dela Rosa Street, Loyola Heights
Quezon City, Philippines

All our worship is in English.

Order of Worship

Our order of worship may be new to you. Every worship service in every church has a structure. We want to be intentional about ours as it is a real back-and-forth conversation between us and God. He calls us to worship, and then we respond and move through the different elements of the service. We have both spontaneous, personal prayers as well as ancient, printed prayers.


Please look over the service beforehand to see what we will hear and say along the way.


Indicates where congregation is invited to stand, as able

Opening with Praise


God invites and calls us into His presence to worship Him. He enters into our busy lives to speak to us.





We sing praises to God and proclaim through song the good news of what He has done in Jesus’ death and resurrection. Some songs might be initially unfamiliar, but we believe the rich, true, beautiful words of these psalms or hymns will make their way into you heart.

Confessing Our Sin


The calls to confession invites us to honest expression within the context of our relationship with God. God’s grace comes to us, creating a relationship with us in Christ in which honesty about our sin is welcome and safe. We confess our sin not in order for God to forgive us but because God has forgiven us in Christ.



Otherwise known as “The Ten Commandments” may guide us in our Confession of Sin.



We fight the temptation to hide our sin and instead acknowledge it openly to God, but we do in light of grace offered in Jesus.

Giving Thanks for God’s Mercies


The good news is God is generous to us in giving us his own Son, Jesus. As a result, we want to share this good news and be generous to others.

At Pilgrim Community, this means giving to support the work of the church, it’s leaders, and the community. The most helpful way our members and regular attendees can in share in covering these costs is by giving regularly.



Hearing the Word


God speaks to us through His Word.



Exposition and application of the text is done. Particular care is made to show how the Bible text testifies to our great need for Christ as sinners and how the Gospel effectively addresses that need in Christ.

Giving Thanks for God’s Grace


We respond in thanks and praise for God’s redemptive work in Christ.



Please use this time to meditate on one of the prayers of Meditation included in the bulletin insert.

The communion cups contain wine. If you are pregnant or unable to consume wine, kindly inform any of our deacons so we can provide you with non-alcoholic grape juice.



We ask for God to be present among us and conclude with the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples to pray.




Confessing the Faith


We join the church in history by confessing the basic statement of what Christians believe.

By confessing our faith together, we are declaring that we are not pioneers of the Christian faith. Ours is an ancient faith that has been taught, defended, and passed down, by faithful Christians from generation to generation by the grace of God. By affirming these articles of faith, we stand in solidarity with all true Christians, past, present, and future.

Closing with Praise


We respond in faith and song.



God sends us out with his blessing.



Doxology means “glory words.” We lift our voices to give God glory for who He is and all that He has done.

True to our desire to ensure that our liturgy is accessible, we make it a point to always assume that there might be outsiders in our midst to whom specialized Christian terminology might not make sense. For this reason, we endeavor to always give a brief explanation of what’s going on or what each section is for.


Our liturgy is by no means perfect or the best there is. But it is useful for our purposes as a church that seeks to be Gospel-shaped. We try to saturate the worship service with as much of the Scriptures as we can, aiming to take our people through the great themes of Sin, Salvation, and Service in the Gospel. Yes, we are a young church with an old-ish liturgy, seeking to be faithful to the ancient Christian faith, in our generation.


We welcome babies and children to join us in worship as Jesus welcomes them. Parents and guardians, we have prepared some Sermon Notes for Children so that you could sit and guide the children during the service. We would like to cultivate in them the value of worshipping together as a family. Should you need it, you could make use of the nursery or practice room as your little ones learn to sit and listen.

Nursing mothers could also make use of the pantry area for breastfeeding and for changing of diapers.