Week 40: What We Should Pray

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What We Should Pray Q40. What should we pray? A. The whole Word of God directs and inspires us in what we should pray, including the prayer Jesus himself taught us. My five-year-old daughter is one of the most persuasive people I know. Four little words, is all she needs to say to convince me […]

September 30, 2018

Week 38: Prayer is Life

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Prayer is Life Q38. What is prayer? Prayer is pouring out our hearts to God in praise, petition, confession of sin, and thanksgiving. “What a Friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bear! What a privilege to carry Everything to God in prayer! O what peace we often forfeit, O what […]

September 16, 2018

Week 37: The Spirit of Truth

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The Spirit of Truth Q37. How does the Holy Spirit help us?A. The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin, comforts us, guides us, gives us spiritual gifts and the desire to obey God; and he enables us to pray and to understand God’s Word. Trying to live as a faithful Christian in our age […]

September 9, 2018